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No matter how many fancy cafes and coffee shops open in Karachi, our inherent culture and love for Chai can never be substituted by any other beverage.
Short (that can extend to endless) chai-paratha breaks and Karachites have a timeless relationship which becomes stronger with every cup of tea, evident from the thousands of Chai Dhabas operational in almost every commercial and residential area in Karachi. These dhabas are more than eating-out places for many of us; workers utilize them as after-work hangout spots while they serve as low price recreational spaces for many of us.

Chai Wala is the latest addition to the contemporary Oh-so-cool chai dhaba category. This modern dhaba is inspired by a chic colorful truck-art theme with an interesting tag line which reads, ‘Peeyo Magar Pyaar Se’.

Located in the upscale area of Bukhari Commercial, DHA, Karachi, Chai Wala is an open-air space where families can sit comfortably, a concept absent in other chai dhabas, offering a variety of interesting items. Other than the famous Kadak Chai and Doodhpati, the dhaba also offers Elaichi Chai, Darcheeni Chai, Coffee-Chai and Cadbury Chai, each giving a special twist to the regular chai on the menu. The menu also includes Kashmiri chai and a number of clear teas made up of refreshing ingredients and infused with the African specialty, Rooibos, with interesting titles like Red Tulsi Magic, Red Fruit Fancy, Green Geisha, and Black Arctic Fire.

Taste and hygiene is an invincible combination which Chai Wala has successfully utilized. The water used to prepare the chai is branded mineral water and for this reason the prices are comparatively high than ordinary chai dhabas – a single cup of Kadak Chai which costs anywhere between Rs. 15 – 25 at ordinary dhabas will cost you Rs. 50 at Chai Wala, but then again, no one would want to compromise on the quality and hygiene and saying so the price is totally worth it.

Other than the regular chai menu, Chai Wala has some mouth-watering and inviting list of parathas including the famous Nutella Paratha, Pizza Paratha, Chicken Achari Paratha, Mulee Paratha and so on. Free Wifi and Happy Hours that offer discounted prices are spot on for youngsters visiting the place. All in all, if you want to have a taste of Karachi then you should visit Chai Wala for the mouthwatering and its lively localized and colorful experience that it offers.

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