5 Things You Hear from Every Chai Addict

Chai isn’t just any other drink for Pakistanis. It is a whole vibe and an integral part of our lives. People jam over chai and catch up on things, have it first thing in the morning – and have it literally any time of the day. Before meals, after meals, before sleeping, after waking up – every time. It’s a Pakistani thing!

Real chai addicts would be up for a hot cup of tea even when it’s 40 degrees outside. They say it goes to the heart!

Starting your day off with a cup of chai is essential to get rid of the morning blues. It’s addictive, and a regular consumer feels gloomy without the usual morning cup. No matter what time of the year it is, one thing Pakistanis can never get enough of is their doodh-patti.

Hear it from the Chai Addicts

If you are a chai lover or know one, you probably hear these every day.

1. “My Head Hurts, I Need Chai.”

There is a constant chant going on in every chai addict’s mind “mera sar phatt raha hay chai chayeye.” Chai is the first thing that comes to their mind when fixing their mood.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a stressful day or experiencing Monday blues, a cup of chai is all the boost you need to get rid of your gloomy days.

Pee Ky Chai Jo Muu Py Aajati Ha Ronak
Woh Samjhte hain Bemar Ka Hal Acha Ha

2. “Can’t Say No to Chai.”

Imagine getting up in the middle of a hot summer night to get a glass of water and seeing your brother making chai, asking if you want some. Well, if you’re a chai addict, you already know the answer.

Chai addicts can never say NO to chai, no matter what time it is. Chai lovers would long for a cup of tea once or twice a day. But for a chai addict, there is no time to have chai. Their day literally revolved around it.

3. “Chai Pilao, Phir Dekhte Hain.”

No matter the problem, there’s nothing in this world that a good cup of tea can’t solve for chai addicts. All you need is a little bit of Elaichi in your special doodh-patti chai to drink all your problems away!

Whether you are sick, busy, or in the middle of a crisis, if you are a chai addict, a strong cup of chai will solve all your problems within a matter of a few slurps.

That is not it, chai is the ultimate source of motivation for all the chai addicts to get their jobs done. “I’ll finish this paperwork after a cup of chai” is the first thought that lingers whenever they are supposed to meet a deadline.

Afterall, chai har marz ki dawa hay

4. “Let’s Discuss it Over a Cup of Chai.”

Chai addicts are always up for a discussion but with a cup of chai! Have an important meeting? A friend’s going through a breakup? Need to talk about wedding preparations? No matter what the conversation is about, it’ll all be discussed over a cup of chai at their favorite spots.

A cup of chai can get you through everything! It’s the perfect boost that elevates the essence of any discussion.

5. “This is the Worst Chai Ever – I Can Make Better Chai.”

As much as chai addicts love and appreciate a decent cup of tea, you can never compare to how good a chai they make! No matter where they go, they’ll always end up saying, “I make better chai than this one.”

And if someone ends up making a chai as per their liking, you will see them become a fan.

A chai a day keeps everyday blues away!

Let’s have one at Chai Wala!

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