5 Things You Hear from Every Chai Addict

Chai isn’t just any other drink for Pakistanis. It is a whole vibe and an integral part of our lives. People jam over chai and catch up on things, have it first thing in the morning – and have it literally any time of the day. Before meals, after meals, before sleeping, after waking up – every time. It’s a Pakistani thing!

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5 Types of Chai You Definitely Need to Try

The love of chai is perhaps the most ubiquitous of the countless cultural traditions we see in Pakistan. Pakistani people connect with friends and strangers over a cup of Doodh Patti served in fancy cups in the dining rooms of the elites or on the street corner at a Dhaba.

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7 Types of People at a Chai Dhaba

People in Karachi have a crazy obsession with chai. The overwhelming crowd at chai dhabas is clear evidence. But the addiction is not only limited to chai; there’s something equally special about chai dhabas that entice/ fascinate/ captivate these people.

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6 Signs You are an Absolute Chai Addict

Chai is our national drink, and we spend millions every year on it. What is it that a good cup of chai can’t fix and especially when you have it with your friends?

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Muhammad Tabish

“These guys have hands down the best doodh patti in town. It’s one of our places to chill after work!”


“Oh boy, the Nutella paratha is to die for. You are missing out on some real goodness if you haven’t tried it yet!”


“Absolutely in love with their chai and lacha paratha. Just ordered one for breakfast”

Hassan Ali

“The best place to hang out with your friends and family. It’s a whole vibe!”


“Tried their elaichi chai the other day and loved it. I think it’s one of the teas I have had in a long time”

Bilal Sheikh

“These guys have totally changed the concept of chai dhabbas. I am definitely a fan!”

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