6 Signs You are an Absolute Chai Addict

Chai is our national drink, and we spend millions every year on it. What is it that a good cup of chai can’t fix and especially when you have it with your friends?

And that is not it. Chai is the go-to drink for guests too, because almost everyone is a fan. Chances are that you are an addict too.

Checklist for Chai Addicts

Have a look at these and tag your favorite chai addict!

1. You NEED it to Start Your Day

You are a chai addict if, no matter how late you are getting, you never dare to leave your house until you get your ultimate power booster – CHAI!

In case you didn’t get one, your day feels gloomy, and you definitely lack energy. You might also hear people asking if you are feeling okay cause those sleepy eyes give it away.


2. You Know How it Tastes by Just Looking

Not every chai tastes the same, even if made the same way, but only a chai addict can spot that difference. You are definitely an addict if you look at the cup and already know how you would like it.

Good chai feels different just in its look. Haha. This statement only makes sense to those who have had terrible chai too. Now you can tell right away, and that’s what makes you a true chai addict.

  1. 3. You Need Frequent Chai Breaks

Have a tough day at work or need to complete an assignment before 5? But first, let’s have chai!

A chai addict can’t function without their chai break – it’s the ultimate energy source for them. If you are one, you know that no amount of chai is ever enough, especially during work.

You need the chai detox to keep the work going.

4. No Chai Means a Terrible Day

Nothing frustrates a chai lover more than not being able to have chai. Whether it is because you ran out of milk or have too many errands to run, not having chai automatically means a bad day for you.

Your life seems like an endless cycle of needing a cup of tea throughout the day, and without it, you just can’t function properly. And nothing feels right until you have it.

5. People Already Know Your Answer to ‘Chai Chahiye?’

Every time you go to your friend’s house and they want to know who needs chai, you are never asked because the answer is always a YES! Even when you visit your go-to chai place, the waiter knows what to get for you because that karak chai is a constant in your life.

If your love for chai is popular among friends and family, you’re a true chai addict, and no one can deny that!

6. You Don’t Understand Why People Don’t Like Chai

A chai addict knows the real value of chai and can’t understand how someone can live without it. Whenever someone tells you how much they don’t have chai, it drives you up a wall.

You instantly feel like defending your chai values with every living cell in your body, telling them how chai makes everything better.

Let’s Order Chai, Yaar!

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