5 Types of Chai You Definitely Need to Try

The love of chai is perhaps the most ubiquitous of the countless cultural traditions we see in Pakistan. Pakistani people connect with friends and strangers over a cup of Doodh Patti served in fancy cups in the dining rooms of the elites or on the street corner at a Dhaba.

A hot cup of chai satisfies thirst and sprinkles sorrows. Chai is mandatory whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or a regular family gathering in Pakistan.

Blends of Pakistani Chai that You Must Try!

Below are the five blends of chai that every Pakistani must experience in their lives:

1.      Doodh Patti

The Doodh Patti, also known as the ‘king of hot beverages,’ is Pakistan’s traditional beverage available at almost every corner of the country. Doodh Patti is made by directly adding tea leaves into milk and heating it to get the ‘perfect colour.’  Most people like Doodh Patti Chai with a balanced amount of sugar, while some prefer jaggery instead of sugar.

The price of a Doodh Patti chai varies from region to region. i.e., Rs 50 – Rs 250, depending on the venue and quality.

2.      Elaichi Chai

The Elaichi flavoured chai has a strong, distinct flavour and an aromatic smell that lifts your spirits up and makes your day more enjoyable. It’s nutritious, delicious, and surprisingly comforting.

Elaichi Chai is made by adding 2 – 3 pods of cardamon in one-litre milk and following the same recipe of the doodh Patti chai. An Elaichi chai’s price is almost the same as the Doodh Patti chai, but it’s not as famous as the Doodh Patti.

3.      Kahwa

Kehwa is the local version of herbal and green teas, with a wide range of flavours and combinations. In practically every region of Pakistan, kehwa is brewed strong and consumed religiously with a side of sweets and other delicacies as per regional appetites.

Kahwas at a ‘typical Pathan ka Dhaba’ is more expensive than Doodh Patti and Elaichi chai. Still, it is placed at Rs 150 max at chai cafes across the country.

4.      Kashmiri Chai

This famous tea blend is originally from the Kashmir valley, as the name says, but it is loved by people all around the country and beyond. The mixture, which has a peculiar pink colour, is usually served at weddings and other special occasions and is sometimes topped with almonds and pistachios.

Kashmiri chai is the most expensive chai all across the country. It usually starts from Rs 150 and is unavailable at most chai shops.

Naan khatai – a sort of wafer biscuit with brown sugar caramel cooked on top – is a traditional Kashmiri combination that goes well with Kashmiri chai.

5.      Karak Chai

Karak chai is a popular drink used in social events, cafés, and other venues. Karak chai is a more potent blend than the rest of its competitors, blending a substantial chunk of loose tea leaves with evaporated milk to make a cup, unlike anything.

Karak chai is readily available all across Pakistan, starting from Rs 50 – Rs 100.

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