7 Types of People at a Chai Dhaba

People in Karachi have a crazy obsession with chai. The overwhelming crowd at chai dhabas is clear evidence. But the addiction is not only limited to chai; there’s something equally special about chai dhabas that entice/ fascinate/ captivate these people.

You can’t escape chai dhabas in Karachi. Despite being home to thousands of ‘Quetta hotels,’ chai dhabas are steadily growing in Karachi. From a group of teenage schoolboys discussing their farewell outfits to a gathering of old friends reliving their sweet memories, you will find people from every age group at chai dhabas.

In fact, most memorable friendship memories are tied to such places.

People You’ll Find at Every Chai Dhaba

Today, we will talk about types of people mainly found in every chai dhaba across the city.  Let’s get started:

1.      Business Planners

There’s nothing more satisfying than discussing your business plans at a chai dhaba with your best friends and getting appreciated for that little Einstien’s brain of yours.

In Karachi, you will always find a group of young, passionate teenagers discussing business ideas and their career plans at chai dhabas. We all have been through that stage of life, and I still see a glimpse of my own memories when I see someone discussing their goals at a chai dhaba with their close friends.

2.      Musicians

These guys are the center of attention at every chai dhaba. They are usually seated in the corner of a chai dhaba, having one or two guitarists and a lead vocalist in their group. People make their videos and sometimes sing along with them.

3.      Cardsharps & Croupier

Cardsharps and croupiers are usually are a group of 3 – 4 people playing cards. They don’t care about anything except winning the game. These people are found mainly in the quietest place of the chai dhaba, blaming their partners for not playing sensibly. Sometimes they get into heated arguments and even fight with each other. Still, they never hold any grudges and return the next day to fight again.

4.      Wanna be Politicians

These people are the unhappiest group at any chai dhaba. You’ll always find them criticizing the national policies, talking about the hike in dollar and fuel prices, and crying about inflation. This group is among the most diverse groups you’ll find at any chai dhaba.

It mainly includes 3 – 4 mid-aged men in their  40s and an old man in his early sixties, cursing the government every 15 minutes, and 2 – 3 people in their late twenties, chuckling every time the old men lash out.

5.      Smartphone Zombies

Smartphone zombies are getting very common at chai dhabas. These people are always attached to their mobile phones, even in the gathering of friends. They keep staring at the screen and blushes every time a notification pops up.

6.      Work Colleagues

These people are found in a vast majority at a chai dhaba. Most office colleagues spend their lunch breaks at a chai dhaba discussing how they will meet the deadlines, while most prefer to gather at a chai dhaba after the office to bitch about their annoying boss for rejecting their work from home requests.

7.      The Foodies

A bunch of friends talking impulsively until their food arrives! These people are the happiest in the entire dhaba. They neither care about inflation nor their futures; the only thing that matters to them is to grab the last piece of the paratha before anyone else does.

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